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Luke Roebuck
3669 Briscoe Street
Riverside, California
USA    92506
Telephone:    951-347-8546 (cell)

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I have been raising and breeding fancy guppies for over fortyfive years, and showing IFGA quality fancy guppies for 20 years. I am a native of the country of Trinidad & Tobago, where I lived all my pre-adult life. In the South Caribbean, I raised wild, store-bought, and imported, show-quality (Wasserman) guppies back in the early 70's. I am currently an active IFGA certified Judge. I maintain over 200 tanks of show quality guppies,( numbers are always changing) some of which have done quite well at recent IFGA guppy shows.

I can ship nationwide and globally. My show guppies have sucessfully arrived all over the USA and many parts of the free world trade areas. Many countries require Air Cargo Shipping, USDA Health Certificates and Import Permits with the consignee clearing customs themselves or via a broker. Please do your homework and find out from your countries Import Ministry what is required. Paperwork is almost mandatory for large orders. Small orders in many cases I can do a special consideration. Please inquire if in doubt. :

Please check out my sales photos section for new strains available! There are about six pages of strain information complete with photos pedigree information and pricing information.


Beware of Novice Guppy Raisers, just consider my recommendations carefully before making your choices.

When making your quality purchases, you would want to be assured that you are buying from the best available current stock which is maintained by the best breeders and not in the hands of a novice guppy raiser.

History has shown that its harder to win when starting with second hand stock.

Anyone can put up a website. The best websites don't necessarily mean the best fish or breeders for that matter. In fact some of the best breeders of some strains don't necessarily show or sell fish or offer their fish for sale on the internet.

Remember that guppy genetics can be a relatively unstable factor because the genetics can and do change over time. Unless your into advanced genetic engineering and have some knowledge and capability of artificially "cloning" a strain using currently available technology, ANY guppies will undergo change over time. This is the driving factor that creates the competitive differences we see on the show bench. You would want to start with the best available quality at the time of purchase.

The benefits of purchasing from a known and reputable breeder, who also happens to be a qualified IFGA Judge is multi-fold. Remember that a reputable breeder may not necessarily show all his available strains, but will not waste his time maintaining or selling a substandard strain. Besides getting the best available quality to start with, you also get replacement guarantees as well as quality advice to assist you in MAINTAINING as well as IMPROVING the overall quality of your purchases (some of which is worth the cost of the fish by itself). THIS CANNOT BE HAD FROM A NOVICE GUPPY RAISER!

Enjoy the photos and the original content of my site. My photos are updated as needed to show the current quality of the strains I offer. I am not a professional photographer nor do I color enhance my photos. I just have a good camera and use it accordingly. This is rarely done by other breeders. My feeling has always been that a succesful breeder should always be proud of their accomplishments. Beware of Photo Pirates! A few wannabe Breeders prefer to copy my original photos to use to sell their wares on auction sites as well as their own personal websites. Note the unique background in my photos. This is usually a telltale sign of the source.

If you're unsure of the sellers reputation, just check out their CV-RESUME

Show results are always posted for your review in one or more of the linked websites. The proof has, as always, been on the show bench, where show quality proves itself.


IFGA /USA Grand National Overall 1st Runnerup, Male & Female, 2000

Best of Show female Cleveland, 2000: Moscow Grand Champion Brazil, 2000; L'Association France Vivipare, Concours International de Guppy
French/European International Guppy Show, Blois, France 1998

Best of Show Delta

IFGA Class Champions: Half Black AOC Female, Breeder Female, 2000

AOC Albino Class Champion, 2000

IFGA Class Champion Red Albino 1999 & 2000
Best of Show Delta

L'Association France Vivipare, Concours International de Guppy
French/European International Guppy Show, Blois, France 1998

Best of Show Delta

IFGA Grand Overall Male Runner-up 1995&1999

IFGA Black Color Class Champion 1995, 1996, 1997, 2nd BOS 1995.

IFGA Snakeskin Varigated Delta Color Class Champion 1997, 1st Runner-up 1998
IFGA Snakeskin Veil Color Class Champion

IFGA Body/Eye Color (Albino) Veil Class Champion 1997, 1998,
Including Five "Best of Shows"

Internationale Guppyausstellung in Wein, Austria 1999 (OGG)
1st Platz Red Albino Delta
Japan Guppy Association(JGA) Guppy Show 1998
1st place Red Albino delta
IFGA Albino Color Class Champion 1999,
Including Four Best of Shows in 1999 and two Breeder Male 1st Placings in 1999
World Class(WGC) Veiltail champion Rio de Janiero Brazil September,1999

IFGA Snakeskin Varigated Veil Class Champion 1997, 1998

Numerous other awards and first place show results in several other color classes 1994-1999

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