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NEW!! GOLD RED Deltas :   $35/PAIR OR $50/ TRIO

This strain carries show bloodlines of ABReds from PPGA Top breeders. Limited availability. They carry good red color and exellent caudal and dorsal finnage. They grow very large and are incredibly fertile. !
BLUE/GREEN BICOLORS :   $35/pair or $50/ TRIO
The new Blue Bicolors are a striking fish with Hawaiian Moscow genes. This new strain has just won the BG/Bicolor bicolor class in the 2013 Michigan show. early generations also carried AOC albino genotype which also did well at the same show. These are very flashy fish with bright blue color and Moscow body pigment. Caudals are large perfect Deltas with huge patterned tails and matching dorsal! Extremely fertile.
This strain originated right here in our PPGA Fishrooms in the early 1980's. The historical pedigree starts with Mary-Lou Walker's Red Albinos, which date back to Midge hill crossed through Harold Morgan/John O'brien Gray and Gold Red lines which date to early Gorski Reds. Jim Alderson aquired the blended earlier lines and has worked on them for 15-20 years. the current red belly colors were improved to the present quality independently and in parallel by Jim and myself over the last 9 years starting with the gray red hybrids from this strain and working through the Alderson line. They have been in my fish room since 1993 and have won numerous 1st place as well as Best of Show awards place awards in the delta class here in the USA and all over the guppy world. The current 2001 European championship was dominated by this strain. The Veils have won numerous Best of Show awards and the body/eye Veil class for 1996.The veil (schleirschwanz) line has also won its standard class at the World Guppy Contest 1999. The deltas have won their share of the coveted Best of Show prizes at many IFGA Sanctioned guppy shows. In my opinion, they originate from the best Red Albino strain in the world. I dont maintain substandard sales lines, availability is variable. They have the "red in the head" fingerprint of quality. (These fish are intended for private enjoyment and not for commercial resale and will not be intentionally sold to commercial breeders) Very fertile prehit females are available. I maintain several related lineages, any of which has the same potential as the individuals pictured above! The line pictured on the right is my new strain improvement and not presently offered for sale.
This strain originated in Germany from breeder Claus Osche stock. Claus visited my fishroom and hand delivered some of his stock . They are medium pure bred strain with very good form and finnage to match both EGA and IFGA show standards in the Delta Caudal Class. (Sales within the North American continent will be subject to pre-conditional agreements between me and the buyer)Fertility is very good,the strain breeds at a young age. Stock is available now. Both the Platinum and White varieties are interbred and compatible.
This strain originated in Russia in the early 80s when featured in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine (FAMA) as Moscow Blue guppies. They were distributed to Germany and Japan and were intensely developed to the current quality by Luke's Show Guppies. The strain is currently known to exist in three basic color varieties; namely Blue, Purple and Green. This strain first appeared recently here in the USA in the 3rd World guppy Contest in Milwaukee in 1998 shown by a Japanese breeder and immediately got the attention of our top IFGA Breeders here in USA.
Some of the 1998 WGC Showwinners were purchased in auction by me for a record $200 a pair!! They are currently a very hot seller in the USA market and are mostly available in purple variety.
This strain is related to the Japanese and German Moscow strains but has been developed and improved by Hawaiian guppy breeders. They feature a noticeably larger body and are much faster growing with more true blue color, including blue heads!

This strain is currently shown by me. It was developed right here at Luke's Show Guppies from blue and Half Black Blue strains. The color and form is exactly as pictured above! They grow medium to large and are incredibly fertile. Look for this strain to show well in 2000!
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