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 WGC 2003



  The next WGC will be held by Clube dos Criadores de Guppy do Brazil between 20th to 23 Th November. We contracted with a wonderful place called Orchid Garden, near  Jose Menino Beach. This zoobotanical garden was built in 1945, with an area of 22,240 m2 that shows several kinds of species from the “ Mata Atlantica”. Moreover, there are many birds, which come and go freely inside the park. A lake is situated in the central area, which receives migratory visits of  aquatic birds. You can also view hundreds of species of Brazilian orchids and ornamental plants.

The show place will have 500 tanks, natural lighting in a large area, where we will schedule guppy lectures.  The WGC will also be supported by sponsors from the top ornamental fish industries and pet shops.  Video recordings are planned for all show activities.  You can expect a great and entertaining weekend!

 The Brazilian clube with all members are working to make the best ever  guppy show in Brazil. Our host city, Santos is a tourist city which possesses one of Brazil’s major harbors. It is only 1 hour by car from the city of Sao Paulo, a major city in Brazil.  We have lot of places to visit and beautiful beaches near the show place. The host hotel , Hotel Praiano, is very affordable for everyone. This hotel is 2 blocks from the show place, 50 meters from the beach and 90 km from the international airport. Single, double or triple air-conditioned rooms are available complete with, cable TV, sauna, restaurant, swimming pool (heated), laundry, and Internet connection. To place reservations please send an e-mail to: or go to their website at:


 The CCG hosts expect many local breeders and aquarium hobbyists to be in attendance. Complimentary transportation will be available to shuttle visitors to some nearby breeders and fish farms.. On Sunday the CCG will be hosting a complimentary lunch to all foreigners visitors.   If you plan to come, please send an email in advance to the show chairperson:

Visitors from the USA,  Frank and Luke Roebuck confirmed their presence.




November 20 – 21   – Arrival of the entries, Registration begins

November 21 – 22   – Judging and Lectures

November 20 – 21   – Auction, lunch and debenching



Rodrigo Ziviani

Rua Machado Nunes 28 , Caiçara – Belo Horizonte – MG – Brazil









Shipped Entries  are all free but will be made available for the auction.

American Entries – By Luke Roebuck or Frank Chang

Europe and Asia  entries – By  Oemer Guelmez



 WGA rules to all entries,  Pairs only

All entries will be auction  in typical WGC style.  Only exhibitors to the show  can auction fish.





Trophies to first second and third Best in show

Trophies to first  best Brazilian entrie

Trophies to first  best American entrie

Trophies to first  best Asian entrie

Trophies to first  best Europe entrie

 Medals to seconds and third best entries from  Brazil, USA, Europe and Asia.

All trophies and medals will  be provided by Alcon  Ind. & Com. Ltda.