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Luke's Show Guppies

Luke Roebuck
3669 Briscoe Street
Riverside, California
USA    92506-1894
Telephone:    951-347-8546 (cell)

Note the new Area Code effective immediately!





Thank you for your interest in my show guppies.

Due to periodic shortage of females on many strains, pairs are now being offered at comparable prices. There is a two pair or one trio minimum requirement with any order but they don't have to be of the same strain
Prices are subject to change at any time and presently reflect the cost of maintaining the high quality of the strains, as well as current quality of my show guppies.

Most colors are available and I presently maintain approximately 30+++ strains.
There is a stocklist page .

for your convenience,which I will try to keep updated monthly. Please contact me if the list appears outdated as it is constantly changing.
I strongly recommend sterilized tanks (bare). All strains should be kept separate; My guppies like hard alkaline water ( Ph 7.6 -8.0 ;400ppm )with 1 spoonful of rock salt in their water to each 5 gallons of water. Try to have some Formalin and wide spectrum antibiotic on hand in case of stressed guppies, to add to the new arrivals water.

Breeders may be setup as pairs or trios in 5 or 10 gallon tanks, or the "Critter Keeper" size tanks available in the Pet stores as well. If the fish arrive in good condition which is the norm, the setup method preferred involves adding some "Hagen Cycle " bacterial seed or dryzyme in lieu of the stress medication. Please refrain from feeding any foods on the first day of arrival. Thereafter the preferred first food is baby live brine shrimp to get them adjusted. Live newly hatched baby brine shrimp should be fed daily along with regular flake foods. Females should be fed heavily on both live brine and fresh or frozen clean bloodworms at the least every other day to facilitate large spawns. Be careful not to overfeed Frozen Bloodworms as they are high in fat. High fat content in the food is required for heavy egg production and eventual live birth in the females. Never feed other worms of any kind (except clean bloodworms), as the risk of diseases tends to be higher. Do not mix your pedigreed strains with other guppies or tropical fish. You may experiment with doing so with young fry born in your tanks,as they will adapt to your new conditions faster and then do so at your own risk. These strains represent decades of hard work by various breeders including myself and I'm sure that you will immediately notice the quality difference from commercial or pet store quality strains which are no match.

All fish are guaranteed live delivery and fertility. You only pay for the reshipping.


This is available in many states at the Pet store (not available in California).





Domestic shipping costs are as follows:
1 trio  $30
2 - 3 trios   $35
4 - 5 trios   $40-45
more than 5 trios call.
`Specific Services such as Saturday delivery, may be slightly higher. There are new Zone based shipping rates as well. Orders east of the Mississippi will cost $5 extra depending upon the size of the order. Fish are guaranteed live delivery. In the event that replacements are required, you only pay the shipping costs.

NOTE : It appears that shipping conditions are returning to normal. Thanks for your patience guys.. Thanks again

Luke Roebuck
International rates are subject to current Express or Air Cargo current prices. Due to new FAA shipping security rules for International shipping, please contact me for a specific quote.
For countries needing a Customs Health Certificate please add an additional $62.50.

Fish will be sent upon receipt of a cashier's check or money order which should include all necessary shipping costs.

Feel free to call me with any questions at (951) 347-8546 (cell)or send me an

Ordering is as easy as e-mailing me . I now have Yahoo Instant Messenger!!or you can send me an e-mail for ordering or questions for the fastest reply. For those who dont get a pager response please send an e-mail!!


Now you can also remit electronic payment by using Pay pal.
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