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The photos of show-winning guppies on this page are representative of strains currently being bred by PPGA members.

PPGA breeders are: Jim Alderson, Frank Chang,
Luke Roebuck, Mike Khalid, Ron Hongo.

Please, no copies without permission from the PPGA.
Except where noted, copyright 1998, 1999,2000 by Luke Roebuck.
All Rights Reserved.

  gold-bodied reds half-black aoc  
  half-black yellow blacks  
  half-black blues greens  
  half-black pastel yellow  
  pingus red albino  
  blue glass lace snakeskin  


The PPGA is pleased to announce the acquisition of several new and exciting strains to our fishrooms. The photos below should lend credence to the potential of these new strains. Some of these strains are available now and the breeding stock can be viewed in the PPGA fishrooms.

  AOC Pastel Albinos Albino Snakeskin  
  Red Bicolors albino snakeskin  
  Half Black Purple Galaxy Blue Glass  
  Half Black Purple Galaxy Blue Glass  
  Cobalt Blue Pink Albinos  
  Cobalt Blue Pink Albinos  
  Powder Blue Albinos Albino Multicolors  
  Solid Purple albino multicolor  
  Green Moscows AOC-Pastels  
  Green Moscows AOC-Pastels  
Wild Strain
  Wild Wild  
  Wild Caught Wild  
NEW Criss-Cross Inheritance Pattern!
  Moscow Blue Rountail Moscow Blue Rountail  
  Moscow Metal Roundtails Moscow Metal Roundtails  
  PPGA fishroom PPGA fishroom  
  PPGA fishroom Alderson's fishroom