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PPGA Recommended Links

International Guppy Associations & Clubs
International Fancy Guppy Assoc
The right place to get connected to the Hobby!

World Guppy Association
Your gateway to the guppy universe
Korean Fancy Guppy Association
Italian Guppy Club
Member of the European Guppy Association
Swedish Guppy Society
Member of the European Guppy Association.
IFGA Guppy Clubs
Chesapeake Guppy Club
An IFGA sanctioned club
Georgia Guppy Group
An IFGA Sanctioned Club
Guppy Associates of Milwaukee
An IFGA Sanctioned Club
South Jersey Guppy Group
An IFGA sanctioned club
East Coast Guppy Associates
An IFGA Sanctioned Club
Mighigan Guppy Breeders
An IFGA Sanctioned Club

Brazilian Guppy Club
An IFGA Sanctioned Club
Leading the hobby in Brazil
(in Portuguese)

Guppies International.
an IFGA Sanctioned Club
Rocky Mountain Guppy Associates.
An IFGA Sanctioned Club
Pacific Northwest Guppy Associates
A New IFGA Sanctioned Club
PPGA Recommended Guppy Breeders and Websites
Lukes Show Guppies
Show Quality stock from Luke Roebuck
Guppy Breeder Homepage
Great allround level guppy information and Forum. Check it out!
Rick Grigsby's Guppies
Show Quality stock from Rocky Mountain Guppy Association
Frank Chang's World Class Guppies
My Brazilian Friend Rodrigo Ziviani's Site
Great Photos
Click to join coastfishclub

Click to join coastfishclub

Sites of Interest
Tropical Fish FindFind tropical fish retailers, breeders, importers, exporters, web stores, forums, clubs, fish facts, tropical fish compatibility and aquarium maintenance information
Tropicals Home Page
Aquatic Creations
Your On line source for saltwater live reef animals and corals
Free Aquarist Classifieds and Tropical Fish Aquariums
At Aquarist Classifieds. Here you can advertise your fish, tanks and equipment free of charge.

Visit Aquarium Hobbyist, For locations of Aquaria related products.
Visit Boulder Point Resort, A good friend of mine owns and operates
this fine resort located on Table Rock Lake
in the Heartland near Branson, Missouri.
Visit Simplified Reef Keeping The first easy to understand guide to reef aquariums.