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Spring Stock list 2013


The following strains are available from LukesShowGuppies as of March, 2011

IFGA Show Quality Strains (Gray/Blonde Base)

         IFGA Full Red Delta $50/pair or $75/trio

         Moscow BlueDelta $35/pair or $50/trio

         New Yellows $40/pair or $60/trio

         Black delta $35/pair or $50/trio

         Green Moscow Delta $35/pair or $50/trio

         Classic IFGA Blonde Red $35/pair or $50/trio

         IFGA Green Delta $35/pair or $50/trio

         Moscow Black Delta $35/pair or $50/trio

         German Red Lace Snakeskin $35/pair or $50/trio

         Half Black Pastel $35/pair or $50/trio

         Half Black Green $35/pair or $50/trio

         Pingu Delta (AOC) $35/pair or $50/trio

         American Snow White (APW) $40/pair or $60/trio

         Half Black Yellow Delta $40/pair or $55/trio

         Half Black Redhead Delta $35/pair or $50/trio

         Magenta Red Bicolor Delta $40/pair or $55/trio

         California Full Gold $40/pair or $55/trio

         IFGA Purple Delta (Shubel, SAP) $35/pair or $50/trio

         IFGA Bottom Swordtail () $35/pair or $50/trio

         Euro Vienna Emerald Swordtail $35/pair or $50/trio

IFGA Show Quality Albino Delta

         IFGA Full Red Albino Delta $50/pair or $75/trio

         IFGA Half Black Yellow Albino Delta $40/pair or $55/trio

Other Internationally Recognized Strains

         Japan Blue Delta $35/pair or $50/trio

         Pink Delta $35/pair or $50/trio

         APW-American Pink White $35/pair or $50/trio

         Aqua Blue lazuli Delta $40/pair or $55/trio

Minimum order is 2 pairs or 1 trio. All domestic shipments are by US Postal Express mail. International shipments are customized to suite the destination, order size and customer request. Large orders over $600 I recommend Air Cargo out of LAX and will require all legal docs in order prior to shipment. USDA Health Certificates are $67 each. Many countries require import permits in addition to the Health certificate. Please be aware of your local destinations requirements before you order.

I use either conventional bags or special airless breathing bags as necessary to facilitate shipment handling by the transporter and to minimize stress on the fishes. All shipments are guaranteed live delivery. International shipments guarantee only on the fish replacement. Shipping/ doc fees cannot be guaranteed with free replacement. Discounts are considered for returning customers only and for larger orders. All discounted orders will automatically have the replacement guarantee waived. ( If you want the replacement guarantee you pay full price). I accept Paypal, Money orders with bank Routing coding on the MO., and Western Union. I only accept Domestic Checks upon individual request. Credit cards are only accepted through Paypal. I also require all orders to be put/ confirmed in writing preferably by e-mail or hard copy in the mail with your payment. Paypal payments are payable to my email address: the first letter is my first initial of my name Luke Roebuck. Please avoid misspelling during payment. By cut and paste the email address. Any questions feel free to contact me prior to ordering. Thank You