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Luke's Show Guppies


FULL REDS :$75/trio or $50/pair 

These reds are the most notable new strain development to be released in quite some time. The full body solid color which matches the finnage perfectly has been worked on for several years by Edgar Chaisson of the New England Fancy Guppy Association from an Alderson Gold Red strain.

For many years a solid coloured guppy seemed to be like reaching the moon for past breeders. Some of the old timers would be quite pleased with the current standard and state of the art like this one but it took some patience on the breeders part to bring the red strain up to a higher standard. Nowadays,there are several fully colored red guppies now appearing around in Europe as well. Some can be traced to Russian strains via Polish stock and some can be traced to the NEFGA strain from the USA. My stock happens to be a combination of line crosses from New England Fancy Guppy Association breeders Cecelio, Chaisson and Davidson. I am also in possession of the Polish stock which also line crosses compatibly with the American stock. Please contact me by e-mail for current stocklist availability.!


This is an american strain that is conformable to IFGA show classification for the Purple color class. Known as the SAP purple strain, because it originated from Shubel,Parrish and Allen (and now Gorsky)strain crosses, They are very prolific,large bodied fish with good delta shape and color with dorsal match. Will also throw a certain percentage of blues and greens! Please contact me by e-mail for current stocklist availability.!

NEW MOSCOW POLAR ICE RRE, $50/pair or $75/trio:  

This strain is a new development at Lukes Show Guppies. They originate from Japanese Blue Albino and Japanese Golden Albino crosses and are a different variation to those recognised varieties. This strain is actually the results of my attempts to create a genetic white strain of my own using Mendelian breeding principles! The colors are a polar ice very pastel blue to white and very stunning when viewed from the correct angle. Please contact me by e-mail for current stocklist availability.!

HALF BLACK PASTEL WHITE :$50/trio or $35/pair  

This strain has been developed by incorporating Half Black Pastel White variations from Tokyo, Japan as well as New England, USA. The white finnage color is very dense white and clean with no impurities( this is genetics from the Tokyo version of the German HB Yellow white), and look very stunning against a black background. Body size and caudal peduncle ratio matches any of the big bodied strains on the show bench. Finnage shape is also very good. This is a good strain to compete with! Very fertile ! I also maintain other compatible American lines of Half Black Pastel. Please contact me by e-mail for current stocklist availability.!

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