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Garlic As A Fish Food Additive

by Luke Roebuck


Recently I have seen an advertisement placed in the fish magazines that show garlic added to fresh beef heart paste foods. This formula was developed by Jack Wattley for his discus food. The ad states : "Recent studies have shown conclusively that feeding frozen foods containing garlic to tropical fish is extremely effective in reducing problems caused by Capillaria and other parasites found in the stomach and intestinal tract."

Several members of our club have been using garlic in their foods and have found that it does appear to have some merit in the control of intestinal diseases. Guppy wasting away and listnessnes appear to be curtailed. The fish feces change texture upon purging of the intestinal tract. I have used the dry powdered form of garlic mixed in flake foods at the rate of 2 teaspoonfuls to 2 ozs of flake food. This also appears to work I have as yet not tried the fresh form of garlic in paste food but will add it to my next batch of beef heart paste mix. Any one with a working formula can contact the PPGA.


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